Presentation & objectives

The University of Granada and the company Alight have created a Master oriented to training in the digital management of Human Resources. The new technologies and social networks have caused a revolution in the current information and knowledge society. This digital transformation is also reflected in the conception of the Human Resources and in the necessary skills and abilities for the incorporation of professionals of this sector into the labor market. In this highly changing context it is necessary to have highly qualified professionals capable of facing the continuous challenges of the digitalization of Human Resources.

With the Master's Degree in Digitalization of Human Resources it is intended to generate a real opportunity to access the labor market after a theoretical-practical training that makes it possible for students to start their professional careers in a leading company in the sector, NGA HR. Likewise, paid internships will allow the student to recover the initial cost of enrolment, to be trained and design a professional horizon with unparalleled opportunities for the professional insertion.


Catedrática de Universidad y Rectora de la Universidad de Granada


Colaborador del Máster


Director del Máster Propio en Digitalización de RRHH


Business Development Director



  1. Understanding the main variables to manage a project successfully.

  2. Becoming part of the real work dynamics of a leading international organization in its sector.

  3. Designing systems capable of developing and improving the talent management.

  4. Getting in touch with the daily reality of the multinationals in the ICT sector.

  5. Providing new processes that allow efficient economic-organizational models that take advantage of computer technologies in terms of resource planning.

  6. Understanding the design, planning and control of the development of a project from the business perspective and oriented to the management of the HR area.

  7. Knowing the current characteristics in the areas of information technology management (ICT) and business resource management systems (BRMS) as tools for the development and innovation in the area of Human Resources (HR) in high level companies.

  8. Creating tools that allow integrating the usual processes of organizational control with the growth and professional development expectations that individuals demand within multidisciplinary and multinational environments.

foto de carnet de Víctor Jesús García Morales
Víctor Jesús García Morales. Academic Direction. 
Professor of the Department of Business Organization. University of Granada.
foto de carnet de María Eugenia Senise Barrio
María Eugenia Senise Barriio
Academic Coordination
Associate Professor of the Department of Business Organization. University of Granada.

The collaboration between the University of Granada and the leading company in Software and Human Resources Services, Alight, has allowed the launch of an innovative Master in Digitalization of Human Resources.

A first block, with face-to-face theoretical and practical training in the classroom with first level professionals from the sector and the University, which will help the student to develop and improve their employability skills and abilities. In a second block, the knowledge acquired in the company Alight will be put into practice.

foto de carnet de Aitor Vinos
Aitor Vinos
VP, Digital HR services client & market leadership. Alight 

With the Master's Degree in Digitalization of Human Resources, the student is invited to understand the digital revolution that is radically transforming the management of people in the global environment, the most valuable asset within the business framework.

With this initiative, the University of Granada presents a training program and practices at the hands of Alight, a leading company in Software and Human Resources Services, that offers a unique opportunity for labor insertion within a booming sector.<

foto de carnet de Alvaro Santaella
Álvaro Santaella Medina
Application services director. Alight  

The Master's Degree in Digitalization of Human Resources is a real opportunity to get access to the labor market after a theoretical-practical training that allows students to take their first steps in their professional careers.

As a former student at the University of Granada, it is an honor to direct this programme at Alight and lead this integrating bet between both institutions